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Частные уроки - подготовка к Единому Государственному Экзамену с репетитором по скайпу в Москве,
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Задание 1. К первому уроку английского языка:

Выберите вариант, который наиболее близок по смыслу к слову, выделенному курсивом

The engineers needed to modify the equipment so that it would be in compliance with government regulations.
а) in violation of
b) in accordance with
c) in payment of
d) in compromise with

The bank closed Anna's checking account due to insufficient funds.
а) counterfeit
b) lack of
c) unavailable
d) lateness

Mike added a loudspeaker to the system in order to augment the sound level.
а) add to
b) change
c) decrease
d) modulate

The attorneys added several items of clarification to the contract so that the clients would better understand the terms of the agreement.
а) cost
b) adjudication
c) explanation
d) restriction

Since she was proficient with the accounting computer program, her supervisor assigned her the most difficult tasks.
а) skilled
b) happy
c) new
d) frustrated.

Mary did not remit her payments by the deadline, and consequently her insurance was canceled.
а) collect
b) reprimand
c) send
d) request

The doctor donated her services to the free clinic; thus, no compensation was due her.
а) appreciation
b) compromise
c) time sheet
d) payment

If the present method does not solve the problem, then you will need to try an alternate approach.
а) different
b) chance
c) altruistic
d) methods

They labeled each product with a colored tag so that they could differentiate them from one another.
а) reproduce
b) package
c) distinguish
d) subtract

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